Hot Glass Blowing on a Hot, Hot Day!

hot glass blowing, Diablo Glass studios, I’ve wanted to learn to blow hot glass since I saw the Chihuly exhibit (3 times!) at the Museum of Fine Arts a few years ago. My mom tried but the classes were sold out for months!

I’m taking a class at the Diablo Glassblowing School now. It’s not very close by and it’s, like, a million degrees in there, what with the super hot oven (hot enough to melt glass) and no air conditioning. And did I mention that we have to wear jeans and closed toe shoes too (sneakers in my case)? For safety.

But it’s totally worth it. OMG, it’s fun but so hard to work with glass. These bits and pieces are from my first day. We’ll be blowing glass towards the end of the week. I wonder if playing flute will help with that … ??

Today we go to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for a field trip. Things are coming around in a full circle!

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