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golf photo, putter photo

My mom takes me boxing but my dad takes me to play golf. We went out early one Saturday, just the two of us. My dad found a snail and put it on his putter. I swear that we were not holding anyone up! Or that I play as slowly as a snail. These two images pretty much sum up my mom and dad! Golf with dad is fun! I play better with him; he makes a great caddy!

Nonantum Boxing Club, boxing photo

My mom boxes at Nonantum Boxing Club and she made me go with her to box with her. I prefer kickboxing but it was actually fun to learn and Marc is so nice. I took this photo of her sparring her teacher. I am such a good photographer that I make her look like she knows what she’s doing!

There is hope, hope photo

I liked the starkness of the image against the message of hope.

vintage great white heron photograph, vintage florida bird photo

I shot this bird in North Captiva, Florida a few months ago. I think it’s a Great Egret.  I like the vintage effect which I achieved by using an app. That bird just hangs out at the beach all day hoping for hand outs. Reminds me of my dog.

Hibiscus photograph, photo of hibiscus flower

I shot this Hibiscus flower in Florida.

tulip photo, tulip photograph

Tulip in my front yard. My mom’s favorite flower.


Sand dollar at Cape Ann, Massachusetts. On the last day of school (June 26th!!), my friend Ashley took a bunch of us to the beach. What a fun day!



The first flowers of spring, Crocus Glows. I liked how the flower seemed to glow. That’s snow in the

Looks like wedding flowers to me.

I took a photoshop class a few weeks ago but I didn’t  like it because I didn’t learn anything new.  I had learned some photoshop from Mazemakers summer day camp a few years ago and it was pretty much a repeat.

I’ve  been using my iPhone to take photos with apps to edit them. I want to use a good camera as well but the iPhone is pretty convenient.

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