Watercolor Abstract Floral

watercolor flower abstract, postcard size original watercolor painting

For my birthday, I received stacks of blank watercolor sample paper, all postcard size. (Yes, watercolor paper is expensive!) This is a floral abstract. I’m still in flower mode and I was happy with the background that I painted in.

I was playing with color and unpainted paper. If you are against using white as a watercolor artist — some are — you instead leave the paper blank. It takes some planning though to save the white space.

You can use this postcard as stationery or as a small decorative painting.

Watercolor painting of abstract flowers, 4″ x 6″. $20. SOLD.

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4 thoughts on “Watercolor Abstract Floral

  1. Beautiful, really lovely. Reminds me of good n plenty too! I’ll gladly pay you $10 for this, I can mail to you. I have your address and your Mom has mine. So very exciting!

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thank you so much for buying my little painting. I hope you like it. I think the dimensions are actually 4 inches by 6 inches. We can never find a ruler around here! They are postcard size sample watercolor paper.

    • Thank you Daria,
      My mom is a crazy blogger person so she wanted me to have a blog because I have too much art everywhere and it’s all getting lost or destroyed. I like this method to save my stuff. Now I can find it! 🙂

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